Mathematics, Computer Science, Computing Centre Library

Borrowing for members of the institute

Obtaining a user card for the specialist library


The specialist library is a reference library and serves the scientific work of the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Computer Science and the University Computing Centre.

The employees of the named departments can borrow books if they are needed for scientific work. It is only allowed to use books within the institutes.

Temporarily employed  university members working in one of the above-mentioned Institutions are allowed to borrow books for use on their workplace with written consent of a full-time member or the head of the specialist  library.

Please use this PDF for registration. (It is also available in the specialist library.)

Afterwards you will receive two copies of the user card (original and copy) immediately. Please send both signed copies to the specialist library or simply hand them in at the specialist library. The user card will be laminated and will be returned to your workplace by internal mail. The copy remains in the specialist library and is used for managing your account. After receiving your user card, borrowing books is possible.

The Library must be informed of any change in address (name, room number, phone number, etc.)  without delay.  or if your employment at the departments comes to an end.


Information on borrowing from the specialist library


Borrowing or returning of books or other media is possible during all off the opening hours, and for employees with the according key also outside of opening hours.

The books, journals and other media of the specialist library are reference holdings and may only be borrowed in the following specific cases: Full-time employees of the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Computer Science and the University Computing Centre, who are active in teaching or research, can borrow books, which they need for their scientific work, for use at their workplace. It is not allowed to take any media home. For borrowing a book, one needs to fill out the borrowing card, which is located in the back cover of the book, and hand it over to the library personnel or, in case of borrowing outside of opening hours, deposit it on the desk of the personnel. Books are always to be returned by handing them over directly to the personnel. Journal volumes may only be borrowed for use at the workplace in special cases on a daily basis, there is however the option of partially scan them at the specialist library.

It is strictly forbidden to remove single unbound issues of journals from the library.

It is requested to return media, which was borrowed for term papers, as well as all books, which are no longer immediately required, at the conclusion of the semester (“at the earliest possible date”, see terms of use §7)!  That way the inventory of the specialist library will be accessible again for all users in accordance to the nature of reference holdings.

Media must be returned to the library at the latest for the revision (every two years).

The complete inventory of the specialist library can be researched in the online catalog of the university library. For borrowing the terms of use of the specialist library apply.


Registration for borrowing in the central library