Mathematisches Seminar

Gemeinsames Kolloquium mit dem Institut für Informatik, Herr Dr. Juergen Koehl (IBM Deutschland R&D): "Mathematical Optimization for Business Solutions"

24.05.2013 von 16:15 bis 17:15

LMS 4, Raum 424

Einladende: Srivastav, Braack


Optimization is used in almost every industry to produce plans or schedules, determine optimal prices, store layouts, stock trades or the world wide distribution of millions of containers.

As one of the most complex analytics technologies, optimization can also deliver some of the greatest business value. It does so by helping decision makers with the tough trade-offs that arise under limited resources. These resources can include capital, workers, capacity, raw materials, and time. Basically, whichever resources limit your ability to grow.

Optimization is about making decisions. It works best when there are thousands of choices to make and resource limits force the decision maker to trade off among them. As an example, a large shipping company can only serve its customers if the right type of container is available at the right day at the right port. The container moves to accomplish this generate costs of up to 1 Billion US$ for a large shipping company. The company’s planners need to decide for several million container moves travel route and times, taking into account capacity constraints, several legal and business rules while minimizing cost. Only advance mathematical optimization can provide a cost optimal plan that satisfies the given constraints.

An optimization solution will only be accepted by the users, if the decisions made by the solution satisfy all the relevant business constraints, reflect the cost implications correctly and are seamlessly integrated into the existing IT system. Furthermore efficient development infrastructure and solvers are needed to minimize the development and maintenance effort.

This presentation will discuss examples of optimization solutions, the approach used to identify target application, requirements gathering and development of a production ready application. Providing reliable mathematical optimization solutions to a wide range of industry is an important and fast growing part of IBM’s business and delivers a large return on investment to our customers. We will show the organization behind and the skills needed.

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