Mathematisches Seminar


  • Bachelor ( 180 ETCS credit points)  in Mathematics with grad 3.0 or better (provided that contents, extent, scientific level comparable to BSc. in Mathematics from CAU)
  • Bachelor ( 180 ETCS credit points) in another subject  with grade 2.5 or better if at least 30 credit points in analysis, linear algebra, probability theory & statistics, again with grade 2.5 or better (If necessary, the head of the examination board can grant admission conditional on taking additional bachelor courses in the first two semesters.)
  • In any case, be aware that the mathematical level in the master's programme Mathematical Finance is very high. For an alternative master programme with a stronger focus on economics rather than mathematics, see Quantitative Finance.  
  • Precise prequisites can be found in §16 of the Fachprüfungsordnung (presently only in German)