Department of Mathematics

Dr.-Ing. Zhen Sun, TU Darmstadt: "Adaptive Moving Finite Element Method for Steady Low-Mach-Number Compressible Combustion Problems"

Jul 03, 2018 from 04:00 PM to 05:00 PM

WR 383 - Raum 306/307


The main contribution of this work is to present the theoretical and practical aspects of the mesh adaptivity, with an emphasis on simulating a reactive flow in a low-Mach-number case. The design of adaptive mesh considered here is characterized by a grid where the mesh nodes move continuously in time while adapting to the evolution of the features of the numerical solutions described in the monitor function that is prescribed by the user. In the framework of this thesis, we use a moving mesh method in which the mesh can be obtained from the solution of the so-called moving mesh partial differential equations which result from the variational formulation of the minimization problem for a given target functional that symbolizes the inherent difficulty in the spatial numerical approximation of the underlying problem.


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