Department of Mathematics

The Master's Degree in Mathematics (Master of Science, M.Sc.)

In the German system of education the master’s degree is usually obtained by studying an additional two years after the 3-year bachelor’s degree. In general, the master’s degree is a prerequisite for entering the Ph.D.-programme.

The programme

The Department’s course offerings traditionally focus on Algebra, Analysis, Geometry, Logic, Numerical Analysis and Probability Theory/Statistics.

  • Each student has to earn a total of 60 credits to complete the programme.
  • Writing a master’s thesis is mandatory; one gets 30 credits for writing the thesis.
  • It usually takes about one semester to write the thesis. Accordingly, one should choose an advisor at the beginning of the second year of the programme.
  • The default language of instruction is German. However, courses will be taught in English upon request. Seminar talks can be and are in fact often given in English. Prospective students requiring instruction in English should contact their instructors well in advance.


Courses often consist of two parts, the regular classes and an concurrent exercise classes. The latter are often taught by Ph.D.-students or post docs. In these classes, that usually meet for 1 to 2 hours a week, homework problems and questions concerning the lectures are discussed.


In order to defray the local expenses, qualified master’s students may work as tutors for the exercise classes within our undergraduate programme. As these classes are only taught in German, a good command of German and the German mathematical terminology is an indispensable condition for employment.