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As of 01.10.2019, I am no longer teaching at Kiel University. This webpage was last updated 30.09.2019 and is no longer maintained.



P1040668.JPGResearch Group Geometry

Mathematisches Seminar
Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel
Ludewig-Meyn-Str. 4
D-24098 Kiel

Research Assistant

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Phone: ++49-(0)431-880-3669
Room 405

Office Hours: Thu., 0900h-1100h, or by appointment

Current teaching:  Mathematik für Informatiker B (B. Langfeld); Differentialgeometrie (H. Weiß)


I am interested in the Morse theory of the moduli space of riemannian metrics and its Gromov--Hausdorff closure (including connected-ness and disconnected-ness of sub-level sets of geometric functionals, such as the diameter or volume functionals) and the space of left-invariant metrics on Lie groups and homogenous metrics on riemannian manifolds and their variational calculus. In my thesis, I study the scaling-invariant thicknessnullof left-invariant metrics on Lie groups. Quite unexpectedly, the bi-invariant structures of many simple Lie groups are not local minima.

Talks at Kiel

15.05.2018 Topology of the Hitchin moduli space
06.07.2017 Minimizing the energy in a homotopy class of functions (w/ Patrick Panck), II
20.06.2017 Minimizing the energy in a homotopy class of functions (w/ Patrick Panck), I
13.06.2017 Lie groups of finite type and their thickness
23.05.2017 Root systems of simple Lie groups
22.11.2016 Bochner method for harmonic maps, II
15.11.2016 Bochner method for harmonic maps, I
1.11.2016 Introduction to harmonic maps
6.7.2016 Margulis Lemma
30.6.2016 Yamaguchi's fibre bundle theorem
7.6.2016 Pseudo-fundamental group
11.3.2016 Crash course "collapsing"
17.11.2015 Theory of complex manifolds, II
10.11.2015 Theory of complex manifolds, I
7.7.2015 Lichnerowicz's theorem and Hirzebuch signature theorem
2.6.2015 Trace class operator and Weyl asymptotic
14.4.2015 Clifford bundles and Dirac operators
19.11.2014 Gysin sequence and Thom isomorphism, III
12.11.2014 Gysin sequence and Thom isomorphism, II
5.11.2014 Gsyin sequence and Thom isomorphism, I
9.7.2014 Hodge decomposition and Poincare duality
11.2.2014 Construction of exotic spheres
12.6.2013 Word and isomorphism problem and their connexion to riemannian geometry
15.5.2013 Introduction to the Gromov-Hausdorff theory, II
8.5.2013 Introduction to the Gromov-Hausdorff theory, I

Teaching during previous semesters

Winter term 2018/19 Mathematik für Informatiker A (B. Langfeld)
  Seminar "Differentialgeometrie" (M.K.)
Summer term 2018 Kurven und Flächen (M.K.)
Winter term 2017/18 Mathematik für Physiker I (H. Klein)
Summer term 2017 Kurven und Flächen (M. Freibert)
Winter term 2016/17 Analysis I (W. Bergweiler)
Summer term 2016 Seminar Differentialgeometrie im Sommersemester 2016(J. Heber)
Winter term 2015/16 Differentialgeometrie im Wintersemester 2015/16 (J. Heber) Notizen
Summer term 2015 Kurven und Flächen (J. Heber) Notizen
Winter term 2014/15 Differentialgeometrie (H. Weiß)
Summer term 2014 Kurven und Flächen (J. Heber), Seminar Differentialgeometrie (J. Heber)
Winter term 2013/14 Differentialgeometrie (O. Baues), Seminar Differentialgeometrie (J. Heber)
Summer term 2013 Ausgewählte Themen der Differentialgeometrie (J. Heber), Seminar Differentialgeometrie (J. Heber)