This is a small, experimental collection of pages on incidence geometry, based on the lecture series Geometrie I given at the Christian Albrechts Universität Kiel. The intended audience are people trying to get an overview of some of the basic definitions and results in incidence geometry. These page are really very far from being complete, in fact I just started to write this collection. Note that some of the pages contain links to other pages not already written, so your browser will show you some kind of error message. These missing pages will be included, eventually.

Primary entry points are the page on general incidence structures or the page on projective planes.

All files in this site are tested with netscape only. If you have any problems using another browser, please drop me a line. I don't know much about all this HTML stuff, so proposals are always welcome. If you don't like some of the stuff on this site, or if you wrote an additional page which should really be included on this site, just mail me. The tools used to create the pages on this site are documented, and are freely available.

Pages on the following topics are available.
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