Rolf Farnsteiner

Algebraic Lie Theory and Representation Theory

The Research Team


Rolf Farnsteiner (Representations of algebraic groups, support spaces, Auslander-Reiten theory, homological algebra)

Postdoctoral Researcher
Daniel Bissinger (Representations of quivers, Gabriel-Roiter measures)


Jie Liu (Representations of quivers)
Hongwei Peng
Jan-Niclas Thiel (Representations of algebraic groups)
Master's Students

Former Members

Postdocs and Ph.D.-Students:

Gil Vernik (now research staff member at IBM Haifa Research Lab)
Julian Külshammer (now Senior Lecturer at the University of Uppsala)
Jean-Marie Bois  (Lie theory, representation theory, non-commutative algebras and division rings)
Julia Worch (now at Rüss, Dr. Zimmermann und Partner)
Daiva Pucinskaite (now Visiting Assistant Professor at Florida Atlantic University)
      Dirk Kirchhoff (now at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen)

Hao Chang (now Associate Professor at Central China Normal University
Christian Drenkhahn (now at Rüss, Dr. Zimmermann und Partner)
Yang Pan (now Lecturer at Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University)

Master's Students:

Christine Munstermann (now teacher at Hans-Brüggemann-Schule
Andreas Gundrum (now at Acando GmbH)
Malte Frömming (now at Hanse Merkur)
Benedikt Karrasch


In the lists below, article links to the published version and pdf to a preprint version.

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  • R. Farnsteiner, Categories of modules given by varieties of nilpotent operators. pdf
  • D. Pučinskaitė, 1-quasi-hereditary algebras. Examples and invariant submodules of projectives. pdf
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