Rolf Farnsteiner


Daniel Bissinger, Rolf Farnsteiner


The seminar takes place on Tuesdays 12:30 – 14:00, in Room 312 in the Mathematical Institute. 
The next meeting will be on April, 11th.
How do I get to the university?

See the page of our Research Team.

Please visit the page of the semesterly joint seminar Bremen – Hamburg – Kiel.

If you would like to give a talk, please contact Daniel Bissinger.


Upcoming Talks 

  • 29. May: Jie Liu, tba.
  • 05. June: Daniel Bissinger, tba.
  • 12. June: Jan-Niclas Thiel,  The algebraic group of a finite dimensional algebra, II.
  • 19. June: tba.
  • 26. June: tba.
  • 03. July: tba.
  • 10. July: tba.


Previous Talks

  • 10. April: Jie Liu, Almost split sequences, III.
  • 17. April: Jan-Niclas Thiel, The algebraic group of a finite-dimensional algebra, I.
  • 24. April: Rolf Farnsteiner, Graded modules for generalized Kronecker quivers, I: Preliminaries and survey.
  • 08. May: Rolf Farnsteiner, Graded modules for generalized Kronecker quivers, II: Invariants for graded modules (after C.M. Ringel).
  • 15. May: Daniel Bissinger, The shift functor on r-regular bipartite trees.