Markus Haase

7th Miniworkshop on Operator Theoretic Aspects of Ergodic Theory

CAU Kiel, 9-10 November 2018

We continue our successful series of workshops with one in Kiel (again).

poster for otet07

Poster for otet07 (print version)


There is no registration fee for this workshop. Please register until 21 October 2018 via this registration page. During registration you will be asked whether you want to give a talk and whether you want to join us at the conference dinner on Friday evening.

The allocated time for contributed talks is (probably) 30 min including questions/discussion time. The talks will happen on Friday (whole day) and Saturday (until about 2pm).

Main Speakers

Isabelle Chalendar (Paris)
Marcel de Jeu (Leiden)
Mariusz Lemańczyk (Toruń)
Gerhard Keller (Erlangen)


Frederic Alberti (Bielefeld)
Michael Baake (Bielefeld)
Markus Bähring (Leipzig)
Johannes Christensen (Aarhus)
Benjamin Celaries (Lyon)
Alexander Dobrick (Kiel)
Nikolai Edeko (Tübingen)
Bartosz Frej (Wroclaw)
Jochen Glück (München)
Roland Gunesch (Feldkirch)
Armando W. Gutierrez (Aalto)
Lukas Hagedorn (Kiel)
Till Hauser (Jena)
Bernd Käßemodel (Leipzig)
Michael Kaplin (Ljubljana)
Olena Karpel (Kharkiv)
Henrik Kreidler (Tübingen)
Viktoria Kühner (Tübingen)
Kari Küster (Tübingen)
Dominik Kwietniak (Krakow)
Julia Meshkova (St. Petersburg)
Rainer Nagel (Tübingen)
Felix Pogorzelski (Leipzig)
Jean Renault (Orleans)
Daniel Sell (Jena)
Franziska Sieron (Jena)
Sita Siewert (Tübingen)
Anton Solomko (Pisa)


Friday, 9 November 2018, CAU Kiel, LMS4, room 424

 9:00   Gerhard Keller   B-Free Dynamics
10:00   Bartosz Frej   Short Proof of the Ergodic Theorem for Mixing Actions of Amenable Groups
10:30        Coffee break
11:00   Olena Karpel   Exact Number of Ergodic Invariant Measures for Bratteli Diagrams
11:30   Dominik Kwietniak   On Abundance of (Non-)Tame Group Actions
12:00   Kari Küster   (In)Decomposability of Topological Dynamical Systems
12:30        Lunch  
14:15   Daniel Sell   Uniformity of Locally Constant Cocycles over Simple Toeplitz Subshifts
14:45   Till Hauser   Entropy Theory for Actions of Non-Discrete Groups and Deloney DSs
15:15   Michael Baake   Solution to the Nonlinear Recombination Equation
15:45         Coffee Break
16:15   Mariusz Lemańczyk   Ergodic Theory, Multiplicative Functions and Möbius Disjointness
17:30   Armando W. Gutierrez   The Metric Compactification of Lp-Spaces and some Applications
19:00        Conference Dinner   Restaurant "Heinrich der Achte", Holtenauer Str. 142, Kiel

Saturday, 10 November 2018, CAU Kiel, LMS4, room 424

 9:00   Isabelle Chalendar   Asymptotic Behaviour of Composition Operators on Spaces of Analytic Functions
10:00   Jochen Glück   Asymptotics of Stochastic Semigroups and Buffered Network Flows
10:30        Coffee Break  
11:00   Johannes Christensen    KMS-Weights on Étale Groupoid C*-Algebras
11:30   Marcel de Jeu   Positive Representations
13:00        Lunch   Jack's Kitchen (on Campus)

Download:  program and abstracts 



CAU Kiel, LMS4 = Ludewig-Meyn-Str. 4 (Building of the Mathematisches Seminar), see this map.

Conference Dinner

On Friday evening there will be a conference dinner (at everybody's own costs, unfortunately). The location is: Restaurant  "Heinrich der Achte", Holtenauer Str. 142, 24105 Kiel, Germany.


The following links point to possible places of accommodation:

  1. B&B Hotel Wissenschaftspark:
  2. Hotel Berliner Hof: (Please refer to "CAU" with your booking to get a reduction.)
  3. Hotel Düvelsbek:
  4. Hostel bekpek:
  5. Youth Hostel