Mathematisches Seminar

Seminarvortrag Dr. Diogo Oliveira e Silva (Universität Bonn): "On extremizers for Fourier restriction inequalities"

14.11.2013 von 12:30 bis 14:00

LMS 4, Raum 325

Einladender: Dendrinos

Abstract: This talk will focus on extremizers for a family of Fourier restriction inequalities on planar curves. It turns out that, depending on whether or not a certain geometric condition related to the curvature is satisfied, extremizing sequences of nonnegative functions may or may not have a subsequence which converges to an extremizer. We hope to describe the method of proof, which is of concentration compactness flavor, in some detail. Tools include bilinear estimates, a variational calculation, a modification of the usual method of stationary phase and several explicit computations.


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