Mathematisches Seminar

Seminarvortrag Jun.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Richter (Uni Heidelberg): "Eulerian techniques for fluid-structure interactions and discretization of interface problems"

14.08.2013 von 09:00 bis 11:00

WR 383, R. 306/307

Einladender: Braack


We present a discretization scheme for fluid-structure interactions, that is completely based in an
Eulerian coordinate framework. All computations are done on a fixed background mesh and the
interface between the two phases solid and fluid is freely moving throughout this mesh. Such a
problem is called an interface problem, as the solution will have limited regularity over this interface.
Finite Elements usually suffer from a reduced approximation order, as the solution's singularities
cannot be resolved by polynomials. First, we present a new parametric finite element discretization,
that is able to capture the interface, such that the optimal order is restored. Then, we show first
steps towards a second order time-stepping scheme for problems with moving interfaces.


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