Mathematisches Seminar

Herr Shohei Nakamura, Saitama University, Japan: "Sobolev regularity and orthonormal Strichartz estimate"

25.10.2018 von 14:00 bis 15:30

LMS 4 - Raum 312 - Diskussionsraum


In this talk, I will discuss about recent our progress on the topic of orthonormal Strichartz estimate (for Schrödinger propagator) which is proposed by Frank-Lewin-Lieb-Seiringer 14’. Particularly, it turns out that there is an interaction between Sobolev regularity and the gain of improvement of the inequality on R^d. This observation is crucial even for the torus setting where we will formulate the orthonormal Strichartz estimate on torus and give sharp estimates in certain sense. This talk is based on joint work with Neal Bez, Younghun Hong, Sanghyuk Lee and Yoshihiro Sawano.

Einladende: S. Buschenhenke/D. Müller

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