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On the ERASMUS+ Programme

The Erasmus programme is a European Union student exchange programme established in 1987. Erasmus+ is the new programme line combining all the EU's current schemes for education, training, youth, and sport. More general information can be found here.

The Mathematical Department of the CAU is actively involved in this programme. It enables students from the partner universities to spend a semester in Kiel (Incomings) and, conversely, students from Kiel to spend a semester at the partner universities (Outgoings).


Who can use the Mathematics Department's Erasmus+ programme?

An application is possible for everyone who is enrolled at Kiel University. However, primarily students of all mathematics programms are funded. This also includes teacher training students, although we usually cannot provide support for the second subject.

Selection Criteria and Selection Process

The applicants get separated by their preferences. If there are more applicants than study places the selection is made on the basis of: grades, social commitment, overall study progress, language ability, etc. You will be notified about the result of the selection process via e-mail soon after application deadline of the first application phase.

After the first application phase there are often still some places available. Everyone can apply for these. They are awarded according to the "first-come-first-serve" principle.


The application takes place in several steps:

  • In a preliminary talk, we discuss your wishes regarding the place and time of your stay abroad. Just send an e-mail to to fix a date.

  • After this talk, please send an e-mail from your stu-account to containing your favorite partner university (and possibly additional choices), a Transcript of Records as well as information about your language skills. This has to be done before January 15.
  • After the deadline, you will be given a place on the list for the university you have chosen.

  • As soon as you are on the list, you will be informed by us. You then apply online (under "online registration"). Afterwards, we will formally sign the form.

If your plans change, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can use the place for fellow students.

Crediting of courses

You should select the courses that you would like to take during your stay as early as possible. In order to have courses completed at our partner universities count towards your studies at the CAU, an agreement with the respective module coordinator in Kiel (see module catalogue, in German) is required. It has to be determined before your stay to what extent the courses topics correspond to the local requirements. If necessary, missing material will be checked in an oral exam after your return.

After your arrival at the partner university, you have up to four weeks time to make changes in your learning agreement. Afterwards the learning agreement need to be signed by the partner university and us and has to be sent to the International Center at Kiel University.

Further information

You can find a number of helpful experience reports from previous Erasmus students in  OLAT


Application process

The first step towards your possible stay at the math department of Kiel University is the successful application for abroad studies at your home university (which has to be a partner university of our institute). Having received and checked of your documents, the replies will be send out. Once you have been approved for your abroad studies, you will receive all important information relating to topics like arrival, enrollment, accommodation, etc. A lot of these information can be found here as well.

Abroad studies at the math department of Kiel University

The winter term begins in the middle of October and lasts until the end of February. The summer term runs from the middle of April until the end of July.

The Mathematics Department offers a variety of different courses. The basic courses in the Bachelor program are held in German. (Nearly) all Master's level courses are offered in English as soon as at least one student prefers. You will find a more detailed list of courses here soon. Please, in the meanwhile, contact us directly in order to set up your individual schedule. 


The program coordinator at the Department of Mathematics in Kiel is:

Sören Christensen

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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