Department of Mathematics

Lectures on the occasion of the retirement of Professor Dr. Hermann König

Oct 22, 2014 03:00 PM to Oct 24, 2014 04:00 PM

Mathematisches Seminar, CAU Kiel

We invite you to lectures on the occasion of the retirement of Professor Dr. Hermann König.

Steinitz-Hörsaal (Raum 10) des Mathematischen Seminars,
Ludewig-Meyn-Straße 6, 24118 Kiel

Wednesday, Oktober the 22th

15:10–16:00 Uhr Niels J. Nielsen (Universität Odense)
"Embedding of Banach spaces into Banach lattices with some applications".


Thursday, Oktober the 23th

Albrecht Pietsch (Universität Jena)
"Non approximable compact operators"
Wolfgang Arendt (Universität Ulm)
"Semigroups and Banach spaces: un tour d'horizon"
11:30–12:20 Lutz Weis (Universität Karlsruhe)
"R-bounded operators: Rademacher versus Gaussian random sums"
4:30–15:00 Erhard Behrends (Universität Berlin)
"The vector-valued Banach-Stone theorem"
15:10–16:00 Alexander Koldobsky (Universität Columbia, MO)
"On extremal sections of certain classes of convex bodies"
16:30–17:20 Wolfgang Ruess (Universität Essen)
"News on weak compactness - old and new"


Friday, Oktober the 24th

9:00–9:50 Aicke Hinrichts (Universität Linz)
"Complexity of Banach space valued integration in the randomized setting"
10:00–10:40 Stanisław Kwapień (Universität Warschau)
"Reliability of systems based on families of independent random variables with subregular distributions"
10:50–11:40 Mathieu Meyer (Universität Paris)
"On some affine properties of a convex body"
14:20–15:20 Vitali Milman (Universität Tel Aviv)
"Ideas and intuition in mathematics, illustrated by joint research done in Kiel"


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