Baltic IV Workshop

Chalmers University Göteborg- Christian-Albrecht-Universität Kiel

Probability and Combinatorics


Friday, 12th to saturday 13th of November 2004

Talks start friday 11:00 and end saturday 18:00

The goal of this workshop in continuation of the Baltic meetings is to bring together researchers from proability theory, combinatorics and theoretical computer science and to provide a forum for the discussion of problems and exchange of methods which are promising for the different areas. We aim for an informal meeting with room for joint work and discussions.

  Seminar Topics
Probability theory on trees
Combinatorics on graphs
  Invited Speakers
Gerold Alsmeyer , Münster
Antar Bandyopadhyay , Göteborg
Amke Caliebe , Kiel
Luc Devroye , Montreal
Benjamin Dörr , Kiel
Devdatt Dubhashi , Göteborg
Olle Hägström , Göteborg
Hegarty , Kiel
Peter Jagers , Göteborg
Ralph Neininger , Frankfurt
Uwe Rösler , Kiel
Serik Sagitov , Göteborg
Anand Srivastav , Kiel
Libertad Tanzini , Göteborg
Vladimir Vatutin , Moskau
Nanny Wermuth , Göteborg
Sören Werth , Kiel
  General Information
Chairmanship: Devdatt Dubhashi (Göteborg), Peter Jagers (Göteborg), Uwe Roesler (Kiel), Anand Srivastav (Kiel),
Mathematisches Seminar Universität Kiel, Germany
of Kiel and the Christian-Albrecht University
Local organization:
Uwe Rösler, Anand Srivastav
Tel.: ++49-431-880-3690,\ ++49-431-880 7252
Fax: ++49-431-880-4091,\ ++49-431-880 1725

PROGRAM/LECTURES. All participants intending to present a lecture (ca. 30 min) are kindly asked to send us the title of their talk as soon as possible, but by March 31, 2004 the latest. The program will be decided after this date. REGISTRATION Please send an e-mail to Frau Gudrun Thiel, e-mail: as soon as possible, but by March 26, 2004. We have reserved a couple of rooms at hotels in Kiel and would like to confirm the reservation after this date.

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